The process of ad account audit

Dec 1, 2021

Work on each project begins with an audit of your advertising accounts. This allows us to assess any previous advertising work and the current state of affairs. It is on the basis of this audit that we make proposals for further work.

  • First, we evaluate the overall structure of the advertising account;
  • Then, we analyze the goals used in advertising and whether the goals correspond to the existing budget;
  • After this, we look at the history of ads to understand the progress of hypothesis testing. This is how we determine whether there is space for creative ideas;
  • Next is the evaluation of advertisements and your communication strategy;
  • It’s also important to check for errors in scaling and budget distribution;
  • The frequency of changes in ad groups and the frequency of impressions should be taken into account;
  • Finally, we create a list of audiences used in the ad account and check if there is room for improvement.

When the situation as a whole becomes clearer, we go separately for each of the campaigns.

As a result, we get a complete picture of the advertising account, a list of recommendations, and an understanding of the direction in which we need to move to improve performance.

Victor Nosenko

Victor Nosenko

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