Marketing strategies for businesses on Black Friday

Dec 1, 2021

Black Friday sales are a great opportunity to acquire new customers in your business. The success of advertising campaigns will largely depend on your offer.

Remarketing campaigns should be actively used in the e-commerce niche. The audience is already loyal to you and can make a purchase if it sees a tempting offer. The following target audiences should be involved: current buyers, new visitors interested in the product, as well as those with products left in their cart, who almost completed an order. Good results should be shown by the cohort of buyers who made transactions only for products at a reduced price.

Services with a subscription payment model and mobile applications should make a big discount on expensive and long-term services. This will attract new customers to the business. Due to the long-term interaction of customers with your product, you have a chance to create and consolidate user habits – this will have a positive impact on LTV.

In the field of services, it is worth collecting expensive offers in packages and offering them at a discount. In the course of long-term interactions with the audience, you will be able to demonstrate the value of your services and get customers who will return. Later you can compensate for the huge discounts with future sales.

Victor Nosenko

Victor Nosenko

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