What to expect from the advertising market after the end of the pandemics?

Dec 1, 2021

What will happen in the advertising market at the end of the crisis period?

The industry is going to recover with an updated attitude to branding activities. Global brands and small companies alike will begin to invest more confidently in the promotion of their services. Therefore, competition and the cost of advertising will increase.

Business niches that have experienced great organic growth during the pandemic (trading, investment, gaming, gambling, health, online stores) will face difficulties in maintaining their growth volumes. The reason for this shift will be the general public’s return to traditional offline businesses and services.

The crisis has helped many companies. Many have seen their business growing several times, while they maintained their usual levels of activity. Companies affected by the pandemic should prepare for the restoration of normal life in advance. The sooner you start promotional activities, the more you can benefit from working in a reduced competition level.

Victor Nosenko

Victor Nosenko

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