Where should you look for your target audience?

Dec 1, 2021

Not all social networks are the same. Instead of advertising on all possible platforms, you should explore the possibility of consolidating resources and focusing on the main ones. For a new product, it is better to begin your journey on the most suitable social networks.

To choose a priority platform, you need to understand the philosophy of each social network. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are focused on the user. People mainly share news about themselves with a close group of people on these platforms. TikTok is similar to Instagram, but with a more entertaining bias. These social networks are well-suited for mass market products, especially related to beauty and fitness niches.

On the contrary, the Twitter and LinkedIn audiences tend to interact with external events. On average, Twitter visitors are more thoughtful and less interested in entertainment when spending time on the platform. This is a good option for promoting messages related to business, finance, and politics.

At the same time, remember that people mainly visit social networks in order to socialize or find entertainment, not to spend their money buying your products. Search campaigns work best for straight sales. So, add some emotions and entertainment to your messages on social media to resonate with your audience on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. On the other hand, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to get straight to the point in your communication and reach different audiences.

Victor Nosenko

Victor Nosenko

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