Client Activation after a Free Trial


Free trial is one of the classic ways of attracting customers at the stage of company formation in a competitive market.

But most new clients tend to become inactive once the trial is over, while funds have already been spent on attracting and activating them.

The key aspect in activating such clients is the optimized user path in the funnel. The path should be logical and accessible – clients should intuitively understand what the business wants from them to complete and what the next step should be.


The client came with the task of activating users who signed up for a free offer after registration. They wanted to increase the medium plan orders by 5 times

What We Did

To achieve this goal, we decided to introduce two offers: an upgrade of the free offer’s service for a small price, or a transition to a mid-level plan with much more beneficial conditions for the customers. At the same time, the benefit for the client increased along with the price.

Upgraded offers have been implemented in the following channels:

  • Trigger email chains;
  • Landing pages of the offers;
  • Advertising on social networks;
  • Banners in the client’s dashboard.


The application has become more useful for the company. It has become easier to convert traffic into installations and targeted actions.

As a result, we were able to achieve the target goal of increasing medium plan orders by 5 times. After the upgrade of the offers, we reached slightly lowered average costs per registration both for the free offer and the medium plan.

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