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Before starting our cooperation, we’ll conduct a competitive analysis of your business and prepare a step-by-step work plan to achieve the agreed goals. In this way, you will be able to understand the activities of your project and evaluate intermediate results.

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Brand Design & Strategy

Building a unique brand that resonates with your customer’s expectations is a complex task. It sets the foundation for your future success.

Why is brand the main asset of a business?

A brand consists of beliefs and opinions that arise in people’s minds when they hear the name of a particular company. Branding is a well-organized and clear set of actions that a company takes to get feedback from its potential customers.

Branding allows to:

– develop brand awareness and brand recognition;
– differentiate your business from the ones of your competitors;
– increase the value of products or services;
– form trusting relationships with the clients.

How do we brand?

Recognition makes up a successful brand, for which customers are ready to pay extra. Here are the main stages that we go through when doing branding:

– analysis of the niche, competitors and target audience;
– constructing a competitive advantage of the client’s company;
– creating corporate identity;
– creating a slogan, logo and other attributes in the brand essence wheel;
– preparing a brand book to communicate effectively with the clients;
– designing a brand promotion strategy.

Social Media Management

Profiles in social media is a must-have for contemporary businesses. The right communication strategy allows you to gain a foothold in the minds of the audience.

The value of SMM

Social media management does not boil down to likes, comments and shares. It is also an integral part of such processes as formation of a recognizable image, initiation of consumer interest and sales boosting.

There are two main components of SMM promotion:

a bold, modern and trendy design;
informative and unique text content.

This will lead your business to the long-awaited growth of target audience, increase in applications and sales! But first, start with preparing a proper communication strategy.

The main stages of an SMM campaign are as follows:

– analysis of the target audience and the biggest competitors in the occupied niche;
– creating a detailed step-by-step strategy of SMM promotion;
– creating the new business pages or updating the current pages on the chosen social platforms;
– preparation of photos, videos and text materials;
– launching and tracking ad campaigns;
– submitting monthly progress reports and suggestions for improving the applied SMM strategy.

Criteria for successful SMM promotion

If your SMM promotion is successful, your business page will experience the following changes:

– stable growth in the number of subscribers;
– higher rates of reach and engagement of the target audience;
– constant stream of incoming messages, calls and requests;
– increase in the traffic to the landing page or website.

Additionally, effective SMM promotion can significantly improve some immeasurable values:

trusting relationships with potential customers on different social platforms;
recognition and expertise by means of regular posting of quality content.

Blogger Collaboration

Bloggers deliver different results, which do not always depend on the number of subscribers. We know how to choose the best bloggers for integration to boost sales.

About Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to tell your potential customers about your brand, products and services.

Why is influencer marketing important?

Studies show that users find bloggers and their recommendations about 60% more reliable than other types of advertising. It means that influencer marketing will remain an important communication tool as long as social media exists.

Influencer marketing offers such benefits:

– popular and favorite bloggers provide credibility to the promoted products;
– it reaches target audience effectively and drives the sales;
– there are a lot of microbloggers, so even small-sized local companies can take advantage of such cooperation.

How to choose the right blogger to collaborate with?

Bloggers are the opinion leaders, and there two main types of such influencers:

– well-known people (singers, actors, sports figures);
– niche experts.

It is important to correctly determine the occupied branch, and then invite experts from this field to reach the target audience which follows them.

The number of followers is not necessarily the main metric that you need to focus on when selecting among bloggers. To reach the objectives, make sure every aspect of your product or service has been considered, hire relevant bloggers and define the sufficient frequency of integrations.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting top rankings in Google will be really tough without SEO. Make sure your website is both user and crawler-friendly!

How does SEO work?

What algorithms make the search engines provide a particular list of links in response to a search query? Here are some aspects of web indexing:

– Google (and any other search engine) uses web crawler bots which collect and record information that is available on the Internet;

– next, the collected data are analyzed and each website gets a corresponding index;

– a special algorithm processes the index, compares it with the user’s search query and shows the list of the most relevant pages.

Why is SEO important?

High-quality and well-thought-out SEO optimization provides:

– increase in quality organic traffic;
– stability of the inbound links;
– ability to compete with the competitors’ products or services.

What does SEO optimization consist of?

1. Technical analysis and troubleshooting of the customer’s website before proceeding directly to SEO promotion.

2. Optimization of keywords and creation of LSI, which help experienced copywriters create quality and interesting content, appreciated both by visitors and Google bots.

3. Internal optimization and creation of useful user-generated content for all important webpages.

4. Development of the link profile, filling up the “external links portfolio” that refers to other web sources.

5. Setting up analytical tools, generating reports on the provided services and their effectiveness.

6. Giving recommendations on the SEO strategy improvements based on the results obtained.


Copywriting & Texts

Engage your visitors and rank higher in search results. We can update the current texts or create new articles tailored to your website.

Why invest in quality articles?

Copywriting is a complex and lengthy process of writing a text that requires enough knowledge in linguistics, marketing and psychology. Commercial texts provide clients with useful and succinct information.

Statistics prove that 87% of users study the text content before proceeding with a website checkout.

Copywriting helps you:

– demonstrate the expertise of a company or a person;
– form a recognizable brand voice;
– advertise products or services detailedly;
– communicate clearly the values ​​and mission of a brand.

If you want to associate with clarity, uniqueness, expertise and mindfulness, then contact us to get effective and engaging texts for your project.


PPC Campaigns

Draw the greatest possible benefit from your ad budget! We run advertising campaigns on numerous popular platforms.

Benefits of contextual advertising

Advertising on search engines and partner sites is one of the most popular and profitable forms of online advertising.

Contextual advertising allows to:

– increase sales volume;
– return one-time customers using retargeting ad campaigns;
– introduce new products and services to maintain brand awareness.

How is a PPC campaign set up?

Launching effective contextual advertising on Google is a three-stage process:

1. Initial analysis and preparation. This phase includes analysis of the client’s business, choosing the optimal strategy, defining advertising goals and objectives, developing a semantic core and creating advertisements;

2. Configuration of ads. At this point, automated analytics tools are set up, the first test launch of the advertising campaign is executed, and daily adjustments are carried out;

3. Analysis of the test results. The necessary changes are introduced to the active campaigns to optimize costs and achieve the intended conversion rate.

At the end of each month, we make a report and advice on advertising for the next month.

Web Design

Graphic design is about aesthetics, elegance and style. Web design is about attractiveness and usability. Keep your products up to date.

Why is web design important?

The better a product’s or creative’s design is adapted to the needs and behavior of the target audience, the better remuneration business owners get.

Key elements of successful web design

Simplicity and clarity are the main features of good design. Highly skilled designers should eventually focus on the positive UX of the visitors.

How do you tell the design is really good?

It’s really simple! Quality web design contributes to:

– immediate understanding of a company’s activity and its core brand values;

– quick and simple ordering of a desired product in just a few clicks;

– improving the load speed and responsiveness of the mobile version of the website.

What services do we provide?

Our team creates convenient and modern website designs for both corporate and personal brands. Contact us to order:

– landing pages;
– online stores;
– advertising creatives (images, videos, banners)
– infographics;
– brand attributes.

Email Marketing

This is one of the most profitable channels of direct impact on potential customers. Use its benefits to increase your revenue!

What makes Email marketing so effective?

Forget about bulk emailing! Productive email marketing is all about consent, personalization and segmentation. With target audience being clearly defined, email communication makes up a great way to:

– inform regular customers about important activities (promotions, sales, discounts, policy updates);
– stimulate sales;
– turn potential customers into brand advocates;
– increase brand awareness by means of appealing design and useful information.

Often, companies and individuals offer their visitors some valuable and relevant piece of information in exchange for their emails to maintain the communication.

What types of emails do businesses use?

Typically, email marketing exploits such communication forms:

– promotional letters created on the AIDA model, comprising a clear CTA;
– transactional emails, which inform customers about the successful completion of a certain action, e. g., registration;
– informative letters (thematic);
– triggered emails, e. g., birthday greetings.

Additionally, reanimation letters are used to continue or finish communication with the user in a specific communication chain.

How is an email newsletter created?

Development of electronic communication with the customers involves such activities:

– creating and updating the contact database;
– sending relevant and useful materials;
– analyzing the received feedback, reporting on the results;
– optimizing email strategy, creating chains of letters.

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