SEO Promotion of Website in Trading Niche

The Forex market is not for nothing considered one of the most difficult niches in SEO to compete in. Many players started working on the market at the beginning of the 2000s. This has allowed them to take the lead and makes it much more difficult for younger players to reach high positions in search results.
The goal of the company was to increase the volume of organic traffic in conditions of work with limited resources.
What was done
  • Cooperation with industry platforms on partnership terms;
  • Organization of a network of freelancers in different countries to work with constant posting on local sites;
  • Creation of a special page that acts as a link magnet – the site holds the top 10 positions on the group of relevant keywords for this page;
  • Purchase quality links within the budget;
  • Moderate crowd marketing;
  • Updating site content over time;
  • Implementation of technical recommendations of search engines on the site;
  • Work on UI/UX to maintain an acceptable level of behavioral characteristics.
With no priority for the SEO, the company was able to get 186k backlinks to the site with 1.3k referring domains. At the moment of publishing this material, the DR by ahrefs stands at 60, which is a fair result.
Over the last year, the amount of organic traffic increased by 49.7% while maintaining the behavioral qualities of users.
The main factor in achieving this result was the comprehensive work on the promotion of the project and immersion in its specifics.
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