About Advertisie

We are a marketing agency with a focus on promoting small and medium-sized businesses. As our core team originates from Ukraine, we allocate a portion of our profits towards supporting the United24 initiative, addressing the country's vital needs.
Our mission is to increase the amount of worthy brands.
It’s tough to see promising products or services struggling due to poor marketing. We believe it’s to the benefit of the global society to help businesses improve their marketing, as this encourages to improve the characteristics of products and services in general.
Our vision
  • Boutique servicing
    Our approach is based on cooperation with the customers where we feel both sides will benefit the most. To maximize profits, some may believe in overwhelming team members with excessive work on numerous projects. However, this approach often leads to burnout and lackluster outcomes.

    At our company, we adopt a different strategy. We choose to undertake fewer projects and strive for excellence, even if it means charging a premium price. This way, we ensure quality results without compromising on quality or motivation.
  • Respect and honesty
    There are situations where a profitable opportunity arises but you don’t have enough experience with the task which leads to uncertainty. We have respect for our customers and go straight ahead telling about our capabilities.

    You have to deal with difficulties in order to evolve and improve your skills. However, we choose to indicate where we are confident in the outcome, where we don’t have proper knowledge and what is going to be a challenge for us. So you can decide if it’s worth it and manage your risks.
  • No hard selling
    We really hate it when someone imposes a product on us. That’s why we won’t use tricks, sales scripts or endless follow-ups to sell you our services. We believe in a pure communication based on values.

    By contacting us you will reach our director who isn’t a sales person. We are focused on collecting your goals and creating a value proposition if there’s such an opportunity. No spammy emails, unnecessary calls and messages that break your peace of mind.
  • Flexible contracts
    We trust you to make whatever is the best decision for your business. Most agencies typically secure a guarantee of a non-breaking agreement lasting at least several months in order to secure more time for delivering results. We believe you are the one who knows what’s better for you – so you are free to cancel the next month with no questions asked.
Our goal is to provide value and grow together side by side with our customers.
Our values
In the informational age it’s vital to be a learner for life to stay relevant and deliver competitive results. We are dedicated to improving our professional knowledge and skills in order to stay relevant in the ever changing world.
You are likely aware of the quality-price-time triangle, where you can choose only 2 of 3. We strive to tailor the quality of our services, the pricing and the delivery speed to match the business needs and expectations.
Say the truth and you will always remain calm and stress-free. It enables us to express our genuine thoughts, without the need to pretend or be someone we're not.
We aim to offer special solutions to every client, going above and beyond the terms of the contract. There’s always some space for great ideas to flourish!
Our Key Team Members
  • Victor Nosenko
    Managing Director
    Victor primarily collaborates with clients as a project manager, bringing over 6 years of experience in strategic and tactical marketing, PPC initiatives, and web analytics.
  • Oleg Ratiev
    Web Design Lead
    Oleg creates fine and modern web design products: from engaging ad creatives to functional websites and app designs, as well as brand style guides.
  • Dmitry Levchenko
    PPC Lead
    Dmitry is a certified specialist with experience in Premier Google Partner agencies. He runs PPC campaigns for one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Ukraine.
  • Maria Ostra
    Copywriting Lead
    Maria holds a background in editing, a passion for marketing, and a decade of copywriting expertise. She crafts compelling content for websites and social media platforms, ensuring they resonate with your target audience and drive results.
Feel free to reach out to us
Whether you have questions, ideas, or a desire to discuss your marketing goals, our team is just a message away. We believe in building meaningful relationships and providing top-notch service without any pressure or sales pitches.