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It’s Advertisie team 🥳

We are a young party of professionals willing to drive extraordinary projects using the tools of digital marketing. We are convinced that businesses should be run on the principles of honesty, openness and commitment in order to achieve maximum results under the available resources.

We guarantee each client the highest commitment from our team.

To make certain that we expend our maximum effort on every project, we have mapped out some fundamental principles of our work. We adhere to these guidelines to do the quality work.

  • Up to five active projects for a manager.
  • Good salary for each member of the team.
  • No rush in the workflow.
  • Real work-life balance.
  • Honesty towards colleagues and clients.

We are certain that if a specialist works with a dozen of projects at once, he or she must be paid a decent salary. Staying cool while focusing on everyday tasks allows us to be passionate about our work and enhance our professional skills ✌️

Our Squad 👏

Vlad Yarovoi

Vlad Yarovoi


Vlad is an entrepreneur, founder of several companies in the law and marketing spheres. Supports IT and Crypto businesses.

Victor Nosenko

Victor Nosenko


Victor mainly works directly with clients as a project manager. He is involved in marketing, brand design, and PPC projects.

Dmitry Levchenko

Dmitry Levchenko

PPC Specialist

Dmitry is a Google Ads certified specialist. He has worked in Premier Google Partner agencies and runs PPC campaigns for 1 of the biggest internet stores of Ukraine.

Oleg Ratiev

Oleg Ratiev

Web Designer

Oleg creates fine and modern web design products: from engaging ad creatives to functional website designs and brand style guides. 

Our Values

We value honesty and transparency in the work. We are dedicated to offering unique promotion solutions and care for the client’s business.

Transparent cooperation is a key factor in long-term business relationships.
We aim to offer special solutions to every client, even if it’s not a part of the contract. There’s always some space for great ideas!
We know that it’s necessary to keep professional skills sharp. This allows us to take on new projects confidently.

What We Do Best 😎



Social Media Management

PPC Campaigns

Blogger Collaboration

Web Design

Email Marketing


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