Ad Campaign for Large Retailer in Premium Electronics Category

A renowned electronics retailer in Ukraine launched a promotional campaign, offering exclusive discounts on high-quality gadgets from well-known brands. These include smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and headphones.

Time period: 1 month

Budget: $5000
The primary objective of this campaign was to drive new clients to the store and increase the amount of online sales by leveraging social media advertising.
  • Geo: all of Ukraine

  • CPC no more than $0.2

  • CPA no more than $30

Target audience
Men and women 25-55 years old, city dwellers.

Interests targeting: users of expensive smartphones and fans of certain brands.

User behavior targeting: site visitors from Android, iOS and other smartphone models.

It was crucial to connect with a premium audience. We specifically targeted individuals in influential roles such as managers, CEOs, business owners, and officials.

Remarketing strategy: targeting site visitors who viewed specific models and product categories. This includes users who have added items to their cart but have not completed a purchase within the last 30 days.

Lookalike: we have created an audience by leveraging a customer list.
What we did
For this advertising campaign, our primary objective was to drive conversions. We strategically targeted individuals who were highly likely to make a purchase on the website.

We utilized various advertising formats. Specifically, we developed separate banners for our most popular products. Additionally, we implemented carousels and gallery ads for different categories, highlighting discounted items. Dynamic remarketing was used to showcase relevant products and catalogs.

We consistently conducted creative experiments and observed which options yielded the most efficient results throughout the duration of the advertising campaign.The advertising campaign utilized a range of formats, effectively contributing to the positive outcome.

Several key placements were selected for this campaign: Facebook and Instagram feeds, Facebook and Instagram stories, and Audience Network. Naturally, all ad creatives have been fine-tuned and tailored specifically for each of these placements.

In addition to cold user acquisition campaigns, we implemented regular and dynamic remarketing campaigns. There were few purchases at the initial stage, and it was important to not panic and wait until all the elements of the strategy kicked in. As our remarketing lists expanded, so did the number of purchases.

Therefore, it is evident that cold audiences and remarketing audiences should complement each other in order to achieve favourable outcomes. This combination was crucial for achieving the objectives of the ad campaign.

At the end of the advertising campaign, we managed to reach the following results:

  • Total ad spend – $5000;
  • Number of purchases – 210;
  • Cost per purchase – $23;
  • Average order value – $908.
As a result, the goals were successfully achieved.
Several factors contributed significantly to the success: leveraging the wide range of marketing instruments effectively, combined with the advertisers' outstanding reputation in the market.
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