Logo and website development for Pegus Software

Creating an MVP website and basic identity elements for a software development startup.
Project Overview
We have set the foundation for the further development of the project with a distinctive logo and core identity elements. The website presents the company and its services, and is easily adjustable requiring little maintenance. The entire project was completed in slightly more than 1 week.
Pegus Software
Pegus Software is a startup software development agency that focuses on the mobile segment. They needed to build an MVP website to present their services. They didn’t have a logo, so we had to create it and set the tone for the future image of the company.
The goals of the project boiled down to the following:
  • Create a logo and core brand identity elements.
  • Deploy the ready to use MVP website in less than 2 weeks.
Technical Aspects
First, we agreed on a CMS solution to work with. Based on the goals and requirements, we went with Tilda CMS for a couple of main reasons:

  • It allowed for the fastest website deployment time;
  • The functionality of this CMS proved sufficient and offered some nice bonuses, like a built-in CRM and a CDN ready to use out of the box;
  • The pricing and maintenance requirements are lower than with competitor platforms, which is an advantage in the long run.

After selecting the platform, we created a list of URLs that needed to be transferred, redirected, or deleted. Once we had agreed on the new website's structure, we began working on the design aspect.
Design Choices
Having no preliminary developments on this project, we started work from scratch without restrictions or guidelines. The only requirement was the usage of a pegasus as a symbol for the brand. Logo development was the first step that would define the basics of creative direction in terms of colors and style.
Once the appropriate creative direction was established, we advanced with choosing fonts and devising color schemes. We maintained the client's preference for using purple as the main color.
Next we proceeded to create layouts for the website pages. Given the MVP status of the website and swift development timeline, we didn’t have to come up with something extraordinary. The usage of custom and ready-made blocks and stylized images allowed for a simple and consistent look.
We created a distinctive logo, core style elements and managed to deploy the ready to use website within the project’s timeframe of under 2 weeks.

The CMS platform allows for quick and easy adjustments to adapt for the needs of the client. This is especially important for projects in the beginning stages of their life cycle.
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