One-page website design and development for SF-invest

We developed a one-page website in the field of real estate investment for a niche test.
Project Overview
We have created a compact multilingual website that presents the product and allows for a niche test to be conducted. The visual style corresponds with other products of the client to achieve the continuity effect. The website is easily editable by the client and requires minimal maintenance. The entire project was completed in under 2 weeks, allowing for the quick and cost-effective development.
Real estate
SF-invest is a platform for the collective investments in real estate objects in the EU. The product is focused on 2 groups of target audiences: existing customers of the client and new ones. Therefore, one of the main requirements was to achieve a familiar visual style to other products of the client.

We worked on the initial stage of the product launch, where the platform is unrolled on a limited scale. Consequently, the website had to be executed in a compact manner.
We agreed to achieve the following set of goals:
  • Create a website maintaining the provided visual guidelines in 2 weeks;
  • Prepare the content part based on the product description;
  • Design initial layout for social media to support the launch of the product.
Technical Aspects
The first step was to agree on a CMS solution to use for the website development. Based on the technical requirements, we went with Tilda CMS for a couple of main reasons:

  • The functionality of this CMS proved sufficient and offered some useful features, like a built-in CRM and a CDN ready to use out of the box;
  • The pricing and maintenance requirements are lower than with competitor platforms, which is an advantage in the long run;
  • It allowed for the fast development of the website to meet the timeframe.

After selecting the platform, we started to work on the text content to shape the outline of the project. Having a clear understanding of the goals and requirements speeds up this process.
Design Choices
We aimed at crafting a design that not only aligned with the client's existing suite of projects but also resonated with their market demographic. Therefore, we used a light style without unnecessary details, which will be accessible to an older audience. This involved integrating fundamental aspects from other client projects to achieve immediate brand recognition as one of the top priorities. This approach allowed us to construct design frameworks and mood boards quickly and efficiently.

We opted for a vibrant green as the primary color, reflecting renewal and financial prosperity, one of the core sentiments in the investment sector. To complement this, we employed a clear white for its clean and minimalistic appeal, promoting a sense of simplicity and straightforwardness.
Creating the logo for SF-invest was a relatively undemanding process as we had a foundation to build upon. We fine-tuned the concept behind the base logo and explored alternative symbols to customize it for this new project.
Progressing to web page design, the foundation laid during the kick-off phase proved invaluable. This clarity in creative direction allowed for an efficient design process, with layouts for blocks coming together with minimal alterations required.
We also set the tone with an initial social media layout, providing a foundation for future project iterations. Ensuring a unified and consistent brand presence across all digital platforms was a key focus.
Our collaboration with SF-invest resulted in delivering a polished one-page website that communicates the brand's essence within a two-week timeframe. The SF-invest team gained control over their content management, enabling swift adjustments to meet market demands without external technical assistance.

The project not only met its objectives but also set the stage for SF-invest's upcoming marketing ventures.
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