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Promotion of Android App in Trading Niche

The company had an Android mobile application, which performed nominal functions: acquaintance with the company's services, display the status of the trading account. The design of the app no longer corresponded to the time and the updated brand design. Customers barely used the app due to the lack of user experience value.
  • Update the design and functionality of the application;
  • Attracting organic traffic;
  • Improving behavioral characteristics.
What was done
Application design update.
We used material design in combination with the principles of brand design. This allowed to maintain a single visual style in the company's products.

Expanding functionality.
Added the ability to receive more relevant services provided by the company directly in the application.

Google Play app page optimization (ASO).
Conducted tests to select the most effective content for the app page. This has improved the conversion rate from the page's visit to the app's installation and the visibility of the app on Google Play.
The application has become more useful for business. It has become easier to convert traffic into installations and targeted actions.
User return and behavioral performance have improved. Users have become more likely to leave positive reviews about the app, which improves its position in the Play Market and reduces the cost of installation for advertising.
A roadmap for further development of the application has been developed, which will further increase the value of the user experience and profits for the business.
As a result, the set goals were achieved.
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