User Activation After Free Trial

Offering a free trial emerges as a critical strategy for new companies seeking to establish a foothold in a competitive market landscape.

However, most of these clients tend to eventually remain inactive after the end of the trial, while funds have already been expended on attracting them to the product.

To engage these clients effectively, it is crucial to create a highly competitive offer and optimize the user journey within the sales funnel. This path should be logical and user-friendly, ensuring that clients intuitively grasp the business's value proposition and the subsequent steps required to seize that value.
The client entrusted us with the challenge of converting users who had applied for a free trial offer into paying customers. Their objective was to multiply the number of customers on the medium tariff by five. Considering the relatively modest starting figures, this goal was deemed achievable.
What we did
To achieve this objective, we worked on the development of two offers.

The first one was an enhanced version of the free service at a small price. The concept behind it was to eliminate the initial payment barrier and retain those users in the marketing funnel for a longer time. By delivering a positive product experience, this cohort of users has the potential to transition into customers with higher order values.

The development of a compelling value proposition was only half of the task. The communication strategy behind the offer is equally important. The enhanced offers were implemented across the following communication channels:

  • Triggered email sequences;
  • Landing pages;
  • Promo campaigns utilising own media;
  • Ad campaigns on social media;
  • Banners on the website and in client's environment.
As a result, we were able to achieve the targeted goal of increasing medium plan orders by 5 times. Following the upgrades of the offers, we managed to slightly decrease the average costs per user acquisition for both plans.
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