Website redesign and development for Rikk legal agency

Transitioning from Wordpress to Tilda CMS to create a fast and easily editable website with minimal maintenance requirements.
Project Overview
We have achieved a style that stands out favorably among the competition and is not too demanding on production resources. The website can be easily edited by the client and requires minimal maintenance. The entire project was completed in just a few weeks, allowing for the quick and cost-effective development and growth of the project in the future.
Rikk is an international legal agency that provides a variety of services for businesses, from small to enterprise levels. They reached out with an idea to migrate their website to a new platform and create a design solution for the brand, aiming at a consistent modern look.

The original WordPress website faced issues due to the use of custom-developed pages, leading to dependency on a single team. Consequently, it became difficult to make changes and evolve the website in a sustainable manner.
We agreed to achieve the following set of goals:
  • Migrate the website to a user-friendly platform that can be managed by non tech-savvy users.
  • Design a brand identity and a social media layout that sets the tone for future content creation.
  • Deploy the ready to use website within a 3-week timeframe.
Technical Aspects
First, we agreed on a CMS solution to work with. Based on the goals and requirements, we went with Tilda CMS for a couple of main reasons:

  • It allowed for the fastest website deployment time;
  • The functionality of this CMS proved sufficient and offered some nice bonuses, like a built-in CRM and a CDN ready to use out of the box;
  • The pricing and maintenance requirements are lower than with competitor platforms, which is an advantage in the long run.

After selecting the platform, we created a list of URLs that needed to be transferred, redirected, or deleted. Once we had agreed on the new website's structure, we began working on the design aspect.
Design Choices
Thankfully, the client had a vision and understanding of the market segment they work with. Their description of the desired outcome helped with finding the starting point for creating mood boards.

Once the appropriate creative direction was established, we advanced with choosing fonts and devising color schemes. Blue is the primary color chosen to convey trust, reliability, and security - qualities of utmost importance in the legal field. We have maintained the client's preference for a light gold accent color. Additionally, we enhanced the overall theme by replacing common white accents with a subtle shade of silver to develop the metallic motif.
Revamping the Rikk logo was another step in the branding process. The original logo was already satisfactory, so minimal touches were needed. We made a few adjustments to ensure it aligns seamlessly with the rest of the brand assets.
Following the logo's revamp, we proceeded to create layouts for the website pages. Upon establishing the desired style in the initial stage, the implementation of all the pages proceeded smoothly with minimal requested changes. It underscores the importance of establishing a creative direction before commencing work on any layouts for actual pages.
To complement the website’s design, we initiated the creation of a social media layout to pave the way for project's future development. The layout embodies Rikk’s newly established brand identity, ensuring consistency across all online touchpoints.
We managed to deploy the ready to use website within the project’s timeframe of 3 weeks. Following the website launch, we concluded the project by crafting key brand identity elements and a set of guidelines for creating social media content.

The CMS solution provided has proven to be user-friendly, allowing for quick and easy editing of website content without the need for technical specialists.

As a result of our collaboration, Rikk Legal Agency is poised to expand its range of services, share useful content in its blog, and execute user acquisition campaigns.
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